Professional Family Tree and Genealogy Research Services to find and preserve your family history. Make Lost Generations Genealogy your partner for tracing & preserving your heritage!

Lost Generations Genealogy is a professional genealogy service dedicated to discovering and persevering your heritage. We’re here to help you learn about and then share your family history with your loved ones.

Whether we’re helping clients publish their family tree online or printing attractive family history photo books, Lost Generations Genealogy’s professional researchers help people like you every day. At the world-famous Family History Library in Utah, at archives in Germany and Austria, in Europe or the United States, Lost Generations Genealogy is dedicated to helping people like you discover and share their ancestry, family history, and genealogy.

We provide professional genealogy and family history research, consultation, translation and book publication services for the United States, the German-speaking lands of Central Europe and the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Today, these European territories are found in countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Eastern France, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, and Liechtenstein.

We welcome your interest. Let us help you find and preserve your Lost Generations in the United States and Europe.

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