Free Genealogy Resources

What is Genealogy Research?

At its most basic, family history and genealogy research boils down to two or three fundamental questions: 1. What do I want to know? 2. Where can I go to find the answer? and 3. How do I access the sources and find answers?

The answers to these questions can be complex. We’ll do what we can to make them simple! If you know the information you’re hunting for, the following websites may be helpful to get you started:

  • Billions of names in searchable indexes
  • Create an online family tree for free
  • Excellent for creating online memory collections and linking photos to ancestors

  • Over 150 million searchable grave records
  • Includes worldwide records
  • Some entries have obituaries, photos, and more Locations (April 2021: Most Family History Centers are still on hold due to COVID-19 Restrictions)

  • Find a local family history center in your area
  • Consultants are available for help
  • Computers are free to use for research
  • Numerous subscription websites are available for your use here for free!

Local Libary

  • Your local or state library can have excellent resources. Just ask your local or state librarian about what records and help are available to you!

Professional Genealogy Links

  • Links for aspiring professional genealogists and those interested in learning more about professional genealogy (click the heading above for details).

German Genealogy Links and Tips